An interdisciplinary cultural exchange project, space for artistic interaction between Ukrainian and German artists, organized in collaboration of three teams of Kosmos tabir (Kyiv), Reverberation Fest (Dresden), and Vertuha Arts Festival (Kyiv).

RUBACAVA project encourages collaborations between artists from both countries, a combination of different art forms - music, visuals, painting, performance, dance, happening, improvisation. This joint experience of artistic interaction creates the basis for long-term Ukrainian-German cultural cooperation and will open the cultural and artistic life of Kyiv and Ukraine to a European audience.

Our project promotes reflection on the past and presents through art, and as a result - forms new different types of connections and relations between Ukrainian and German artists: towards themselves, their artistic practice, and their surroundings - physical and virtual.
9 - 21 of September 2021 in Kyiv, Ukraine

If you are an artist based in Germany we invite you to visit Ukraine in order to enrich each other's cultures with music, visual art, sound art, tattoo art, etc and participate in DJ-Sets, music performances, and jams around this period.

You'll take part in numerous art and cultural activities, excursions and radio appearances, perform/exhibit at a mini-festival at our new open-air location at the art cluster of K47b.

Fill the submission form and keep dates available until 30 of August. In case of urgent cancellation after 30 of August, there might be the opportunity to be chosen after this period, so keep checking your email, and best of luck to everybody!


09-15 Sep Cultural program in the city Kyiv:
- Radio Day and concert
- Museums and historical city parts visits
- Workshops
- Alter Ego stage opening - concerts, dj sets, podcasts
16-19 Sep Trip to Kinburn Spit/camping festival
20 Sep Final Party

The trip is covered and includes:
- Travel costs for two flights/trains
(Germany-Ukraine, Ukraine-Germany)
- Health insurance

- All nights in Kyiv
- Tents and equipment for the Kinburn festival

- Food
- Materials for art projects if needed
- Other costs

Kosmos Tabir

NGO "Kosmos Tabir" exists 9 years, its aim is to bring together passionaries, artists, musicians, cyclists, activists, and creative industry professionals.

Organized the festival (9 years in a row), more than 200+ events such as open-air, parties, exhibitions, literary evenings, jams, performances, happenings, workshops, raves and protests against police violence.

Katja - communication and booking (Telegram, Facebook)

Nata - communication (Telegram)

Vertuha Arts Festival

Cultural phenomena for psychedelic music & arts in Kyiv offer an alternative where the underdog gets the main stage and paves the way for artists and people to interact and exchange ideas.

The main goal is to infuse the Kyiv scene with knowledge gained from Europe; to transform the idea of the “Ukrainian festival” and show what is possible with some vision and love for the arts.

Andrii - communication and booking (Telegram, Facebook)

Ira - project manager (Telegram)

Reverberation Fest

5 year festival from Dresden organized by Dresden Psych Family - a team of bookers, artists from all over Germany. Well recognized by a wide range of Psychedelic music and other forms of art presented during every festival.

In recent years they also started booking Ukrainian bands as Love’n’Joy, Atomic Simao all over Europe.

Robin - communication and booking (Facebook)


We are delighted to invite you to exchange ideas, moods, contacts, and everything that comes to your mind and will fit into this trip. We believe that art actually is one of the most important and most effective instruments in preventing and eliminating the fear of foreign cultures and creating cultural cooperation.
We are looking forward to your work & performances and cooperating with you!

Supported by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (UCF) and EVZ Foundation.

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