The 9th Kosmos Tabir
9 -15 August 2021

Kosmos Tabir
is an annual happening at the Holy Shores of Kyiv Sea. Begins on 9/08 (Monday) from 10:00 and will last until 15/08 (Sunday) 11:00 departure day.
We all arrive (location) to Kosmos Tabir (literal translation Cosmos Camp) with our own settings and beliefs that gradually dissolve as we are transcending time and space in togetherness, as we are reaching the fullness of our being. Every Kosmos Tabir is being invented, co-created and lived through by its participants at the moment.

Monday 9th to Wednesday 11th.
It’s optional to participate, but highly recommended, as we consider creation the highest act of love. You can arrive with your crew or alone, setting up your camp, decoration the space where you gonna welcome your friends during the Main Action or simply chill all the way.
Co-Creation Phase
Thursday, August 12th till Saturday the 14th.
Highest possible concentration of beautiful people in the middle of the forest, at the sandy shores of Kyiv Sea, at the crossroad of universes. A whole forest for ourselves, filled with music, art and performances.
Action Phase
Final Phase - Sunday 15th.
The special ritual when we are taking the whole camp apart. The site is coming back to its natural state, but it's filled with our energy. As we are Zero Waste community, we are taking the little garbage we produced back with us. Not only we are leaving the site of the Holy Happening clean, we are improving it year by year.
Kosmos Tabir will be as you prepare for it.
Kosmos Tabir is a large-scale happening. Happening - a kind of art of action. The kind of moving work in which the environment, things play a role no less important than the living participants of the action. Happening is a game improvisation that gives way to a variety of subconscious motivations.

Everyone is the main actor and is free to express themselves to the maximum. All very different, but all united in love and respect towards each other. We care for each other and for the surrounding environment.

By participating in this self-organized experiment, you promise to faithfully serve the forces of good. If you are ready to become one of the Cosmos troopers - shoot us a message.
Kyiv Sea, sandy shore, conversations, bonfires, starry nights, water till the horizon, music, dancing, sunsets, new connections – these are simple beautiful rituals that allow you to feel and to see, discovering new spaces.

Kosmos Tabir is the best place for all your crazy ideas.

Kosmos Tabir is about social practice (art). We are convinced that the deepest force of art is its ability to connect people from different external worlds and create social interaction between them.

Kosmos Tabir is a journey into the unknown, which you create with the surrounding people, giving yourself a way out. There is neither yesterday nor tomorrow; there is neither day nor night - there is only one infinite, all-encompassing reality among the infinite galaxies of other people.

Kosmos Tabir is about people.

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